Covid 19 Shielding

Vulnerable people or those shielding

We recognise people who are shielding or otherwise vulnerable may also have pressing needs to move home; however, this should be balanced with the increased risks to those people presented by coronavirus.

In line with government’s advice, those who are shielding or otherwise clinically vulnerable (i.e. those who have received a letter advising they are in the clinically extremely vulnerable group) should ensure they are aware of the NHS medical advice, including on staying at home and avoiding unnecessary contacts over this period, if at all possible. All parties involved in home buying and selling should seek to agree amicable arrangements to change move dates to protect shielding individuals.

Clinically vulnerable and shielded individuals will need to carefully consider their personal situation and the circumstances of their own move and may wish to seek medical advice before deciding whether to commit to or go ahead with a move. Some moves are likely to be lower risk, for instance if the home is unfurnished, and assurances can be provided regarding the thorough cleaning of the property, all travel can take place in their own transport and they can avoid contact with others.

We would encourage everyone in these categories who does intend to move, to make clear their status to all of the professionals involved in the process. They may be able to implement additional precautionary measures to further protect you however, moving home should only be a last resort.