The compulsory system of registering and licensing for landlords in Wales went live in November 2015.

Landlords must register and be licenced to manage their rental property in Wales or instruct a Rent Smart Wales licenced letting agent to manage their property.

All landlords renting properties out in wales need to register and be licenced through Rent Smart Wales. If your property is being managed by Popular Move you we now need to register. This can be done online at rentsmart.gov.wales and has a fee of £33.50. There is a paper option but at an increased cost of £80.50 (Lasts for 5 years)

If you are unable to complete online call our office and we will help. When registering they will ask which agent is managing your property. Search for Popular Move or Reference A2-000-00661.

If you do not currently use Popular Move to manage your property but you would like us too, please contact the office on 01437 772235. If not please visit rentsmart.gov.wales to register and start application for a licence.

The licence process includes completing training and short test. Fit & Proper deceleration and fees of £144 (completed online) or £186 (Paper application).

If you currently manage your property your self and you don’t want to be licensed please call Popular Move on 01437 772235 to see how we can help. If you have had a tenant finder service with Popular Move, don’t panic we will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your options.